CMM users are saying...

I’ve used polishes in various price ranges, and I can say CMM lacquer is the best! The smooth application and durability is amazing!

– Stephanie R. | South Carolina

This is definitely, hands down, one of the best polishes I have ever used.

– Amanda H. | Florida

Color Me Monthly has won my heart!

– Marcia F. | Michigan

I love what you sent!!!  It’s beautiful.

– Nancy F. | Florida

I had no chipping and no fading at all for at least three weeks.

– Heather J. | California

I love the fact that you don’t waste a bunch of money on the packing. I mean come on no one ever keeps the box!

– Jillian B. | Indiana

I would recommend this monthly subscription to women everywhere.

– Sara L. | Ohio

I give CMM a 5 out of 5 stars!

– Ruby R. | Indiana

The polish was gorgeous and wonderful quality.

– Lisa W. | Nevada

I have it on right now, it’s the 4th day and it didn’t chip off… not even a bit!

– April M. | Texas

This is hands-down the shiniest polish I have ever used.

– Sutton V. | New York

The nail polish is fantastic and the colors are unique and gorgeous!

– Anni W. | Florida