Color Me Monthly is passionately committed to providing the finest, cruelty-free, toxin-free, and eco-friendly ingredients. We don’t believe in charging our customers a premium for flashy packaging. Expensive tissue paper and glossy boxes look nice but we prefer to eliminate those unnecessary costs and share the savings with you. With every box we deliver, we hope our dedication to ‘high-quality and no-frills’ resonates with our amazing customers.

Meghann Ham | Founder, Chief Color Officer
Meghann is an artist and hippie at heart. While her style is fairly modest, polish helps her to keep things funky fresh! You’ll often see Meghann sporting some variation of blue or purple. Nothing excites her more than finding the perfect color to reflect her mood. Her love for animals and the environment are the basis for CMM’s mission to provide cruelty-free, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible products. Meghann has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with emphasis in linguistics. When she’s not obsessing over nail polish, she enjoys taking photos of the “wildlife” in her backyard.

Caitlin Lowry | Founder, Director of Marketing
An extroverted “people person”, Caitlin makes friends everywhere she goes. With a passion for all things fashion/beauty related, she spends her free time finding killer deals on top trends. As a mom and Registered Nurse, Caitlin is especially concerned with toxins/carcinogens that may be present in cosmetics–she feels that all products should be safe enough for children. With a B.A. in Marketing and Communications, Caitlin’s primary responsibilities at CMM are…you guessed it, Marketing!  Her favorite color is hot pink but she rocks anything bright and fun.

Chae Ham | Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Brave man, unafraid to dive into the colorful world of nail polish. Chae is Principal Design Engineer at βetalab, a creative research and development firm that creates innovative products and services to solve problems in various industries. At CMM, Chae collaborates on business logistics and all things tech. A self-admitted ‘geek’, in his free time, Chae enjoys designing electronics, writing code, and pretending to be a great chef in the kitchen.